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Presentation skills success is based on following a practical presentation strategy and learning the techniques for delivering superior presentations. This website includes the important presentation fundamentals you need build your presentations. From there you can learn and practise the presentation techniques - because a superior presentation is about technique. To make you an even better presenter we offer you presentation tips, ideas and examples.

Presentations Skills: If you already know how important it is to be a better communicator, presenter or speaker - then this website is the resource for you. This website will show you how to be a better presenter. If you are only looking for a magic presentation pill then this site is not for you. This is a "how to be a better presenter" website. Enjoy, George Torok.

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Power Presentations Tip 08

No Jokes - no kidding 


Beware of that ancient book that suggests you start your presentation with a joke. Don't do that. No jokes please. Jokes don't fit anywhere in a business presentation.




Three reasons:


1. You are not a comic
Stand up comedy is very difficult to deliver well. It takes skill and a lot of practice. And still the great comics tell jokes that bomb. You don't have their skill or resilience. And when your joke bombs the audience is scratching their heads wondering, "What was that all about?"


2. Relevance
In most cases the joke has nothing to do with your presentation. So even if it turns out funny your audience is still left scratching their heads and wondering, "What was that all about?"


3. You are not Don Rickles
Most jokes make fun of somebody else. Don't make fun of your audience. They will not like you for it. Don't make fun of some other group. Some of your audience will feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about your prejudice. And they will not like or trust you.


You can still make them laugh 

However, you should use humor. And the best person to make fun of is you. Tell a funny story about something silly that you did.


The audience will warm up to you for two reasons: One, because you made them laugh or smile. Two, because you revealed a flaw. This demonstrates that you are imperfect - like them. And we like those who are like us - especially those who share our flaws and pain.


It is more important for the story to make your point than it is to be funny. Watch for more on story telling and other humor techniques in future Power Presentations Tips.


No jokes. Instead reveal a flaw. The audience will like and trust you more when they see themselves in you.



George Torok

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